How to Initiate a Primary Contact Replacement at Print

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Thank you for contacting Network Solutions. We are committed to creating the best Customer experience possible.

Based on your request, we are sending you instructions on how to initiate a Primary Contact Replacement form for your organization.

If the current Primary Contact is unable or unwilling to make the change, an authorized agent of the Registrant Organization may initiate the change via fax.

To initiate a Primary Contact Replacement form:

1.    Open a Web browser (e.g., Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.)

2.    Type in the address line then press the enter key. Click on the I've forgotten my user id/password link.

3.    In the Retrieve Your User ID section, type your domain name in the Enter a domain name text box then click on the Retrieve User ID button.

4.    Select the radio button next to I am not one of the above contact(s). I am the current designated representative of [company name] and need to gain access to the account to manage the organization's domain name registrations then click on the Continue button.

5.   Click Create the Fax Form.

6.   Choose Get Started after you have read through the instructions.

7.    The next page will prompt you to log in

      n        If you are a current Customer, type your User ID and password in the appropriate text boxes and click on the Login button.

n        If you are a new Customer or need to create a new log in, click on the Get Started button to create a new login.

8.    Confirm the contact information and choose the necessary supporting documents

       Choose the appropriate business validation, utility bill type, and identification type you plan to include

9.    Choose Create the Fax Form.

10. Print the Primary Account Contact Change Form on your company letterhead or stationery and fax it along with any additional required information to 1-571-434-4629:

n        If you do not have company letterhead or stationery, please include a copy of your business license.

n        Please note that you must also include a copy of a current utility bill that matches the current address listed on your letterhead or business license.  

n        You must be an authorized representative of the organization.

n        Tape or place your photo ID in the area provided on the form when sending the fax. (Note: Select a lighter setting on your fax machine when faxing or making a copy of your photo identification.  Images transmit darker when sent by fax and may become too dark to be legible).

n        Test the legibility of your documents before faxing your request as illegible faxes will not be processed.

 Please allow 2 business days for your fax request to be completed.  Once reviewed, Network Solutions will contact you with further information concerning your request.


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